About us

Through our membership (about 1,400) we reach thousands of individuals whose aims and interests we represent . We support the Park in many different ways raising funds via corporate members, drawing on volunteers from our membership, supporting wildlife  studies and  understanding etc. Membership rates are very modest. If you join us you become eligible for discounts

Who We Are

The Friends of Greenwich Park was set up in April 1993 to support and promote all the amenities of the Royal Park at a time when the parks were threatened with privatisation. In its first ten years membership has grown from a few hundred to nearly 1800 and is now a body with considerable local influence over the management and future of Greenwich Park.

Do join us in our efforts to:

  •   maintain the high quality of trees, shrubs and flowers in the Park
  •   care for wildlife
  •   plant new trees and improve the landscaping
  •   support guided walks, horticultural demonstrations and other   activities
  •   watch over the development of all public amenities and sports   facilities
  •   encourage people know more about the Park
  •   fund raise to help improve amenities
  •   above all, ensure a community-based involvement in the future of   the  Park

Your support will help the Friends of Greenwich Park work with The Royal Parks, including the management team at Greenwich, to achieve these goals. Membership includes a regular Newsletter and information on the wide range of events and activities that take place in or in support of the Park.