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Friends of Greenwich Park

The Royal Parks

There are eight Royal Parks in London:

  •   Bushy Park
  •   The Green Park
  •   Greenwich Park
  •   Hyde Park
  •   Kensington Gardens (with Brompton Cemetery)
  •   Regent's Park with Primrose Hill
  •   Richmond Park
  •   St James's Park

One of Britain's greatest national assets, the Royal Parks are quite distinct from London's locally funded or private parks. The eight Royal Parks all have links with former royal palaces or hunting grounds and are Crown property. Brompton Cemetery is the exception. It is for historical reasons now looked after by the Royal Parks.

Greenwich Park was the hunting grounds for the royal palace at Greenwich, the most popular residence of the kings and queens of England in Tudor times.

Between them the eight Royal Parks cover 2083 ha (5000 acres) of historic parkland, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to the greening of London as well as providing well-used locations for cultural, social and educational events, large and small. They are home to 280 buildings, statues and memorials, giving an insight into the rich diversity of London's architecture, history and heritage. The Royal Parks are visited every year by thousands of Londoners and tourists from the UK and overseas.

The Royal Parks are funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, supplemented by their own events and activities. Each park has its own management team.

Royal Parks headquarters are at:

The Old Police House
Hyde Park
London W2 2UH
Tel: 0300 061 2000