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Park Regulations

The nine Royal Parks have a common set of regulations which set out what visitors should and shouldn't do.
The following is a layman' summary of the main regulations, as they affect Greenwich Park.


  • Interfere with a plant or fungus
  • Climb or interfere with a tree
  • Fish or take birds' eggs
  • Worry or injure an animal or bird
  • Feed or touch a deer
  • Drop or leave litter
  • Permit a dog to foul
  • Fail to keep a dog under control or (where required) on a lead
  • Permit a dog to chase, worry or injure a deer or other animal
  • Cycle or roller skate except on designated paths
  • Ride, drive or cycle dangerously
  • Ride, drive or cycle at night without lights
  • Drive above the 20 mph speed limit
  • Park outside the car parks
  • Play games or sport, fly a kite or model aircraft except in designated areas
  • Carry on a trade
  • Bathe in a pond

The complete Royal Parks regulations, legislation and policies may be viewed here.

The police are able to issue Penalty Notices, now £60, for the following offences, which are all breaches of Park regulations:

  • Littering
  • Cycling outside designated cycling areas
  • Failing to clear up after a dog

The new police powers are the same as those already available to police officers in other parks and public spaces across London