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Friends of Greenwich Park


The Friends actively cooperate with other local amenity groups, Royal Museums Greenwich and the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site over planning issues that affect the Park and its surrounding area.

Current Applications


Recent Applications

Planning Case Reference 19/4305/F - Greenwich Park

Various works to Greenwich Park including the redevelopment of Nursery Yard for the construction of a Learning Centre etc.

Planning Case Reference: 19/4241/L - Greenwich Park

The extension of the stepped dais of the statue of General Wolfe. 

Planning Case Reference: 19/3497/F - Greenwich Park

Temporary change of use and associated works to create a Fan Zone for the screening of football matches and hosting community events during the Euro 2020 Tournament.


Planning Case Reference: 19/4242/L - Greenwich Park

Installation of an electricity supply to the bandstand


Planning Case Reference 19/4243/L - Greenwich Park

Repair works to Conduit Head at One Tree Hill


Planning Case reference: 18/4451/HD and 18/4452/L - 36 Park Vista, SE10 9LZ

Various including two storey extension and changes to windows.


Planning Case reference: 18/3047/HD - 21 Park Vista, SE10 9LZ

Construction of an additional storey.

Permission refused on appeal.

Planning Case reference: 19/0032/F - Macartney House, SE10 8HJ

Construction of a single storey dwelling.


Planning Case reference: 19/1191/F - 64 Greenwich Park Street, SE10 9LT

Construction of three storey building.

Permission refused.

Planning Case reference: 18/2666/F - 64 Greenwich Park Street, SE10 

Application withdrawn

Blackheath Joint Working Party

The Blackheath Joint Working Party (BJWP) was set up to bring together Councillors, Officers and residents from both Greenwich and Lewisham to work together with regard to Blackheath. The BJWP meets at least 4 times a year and advises on how best to use and care for the heath. The Friends have a representative who attends BJWP meetings. Minutes are available on https://lewisham.gov.uk/inmyarea/neighbourhoods/blackheath